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Do you know that repainting your house or your office is an economical way of freshening up the look of the structure? If the sound of an enhanced look for your house or office without the hefty price tag is tempting, then you should immediately ask the help of Brand New Painting Inc. We are a leading painting company in Columbia, SC that does not just offer painting services but also delivers quality carpentry works. Our diverse skills have made us into a one-stop shop for handyman services for smart homeowners and entrepreneurs in the areas of Cayce SC; Springdale SC; Oak Grove SC; Irmo SC; Dentsville SC. So if you want to know more about us and our services, then you should pay close attention to what we say.

Painting Service

Pressure Washing Service – As an experienced residential painter and commercial painter, we greatly rely on this step to prepare exterior walls. Doing this would take away several years of a building’s age, not to mention dirt and grime. Thus, it would make the preparation for exterior painting easier.

Considering that electricity and water do not mix well, we would put extra caution while working on this project. Our first step is to ensure that the inlet filter of the pressure washing machine is completely clean. Then we would connect the chemical injector and other injector to the main body. We would prep the system by bleeding the water for a minute. This will remove any air in the machine. Then we will remove any water pressure by squeezing the wand trigger. We are now ready to do pressure washing.

Handyman Service – This service also comes in handy with our painting projects because it helps us ensure that the surface that we will be working on is completely smooth. This service already includes wallpaper removal.

You can always rely on Brand New Painting Inc to put things in order. We do not just fix minor nuisances, we can also enhance the look of your house or office. Does this sound awesome? Then call us right now at (803) 253-1410 to set up an appointment!